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Experience top quality in medical care consultations by friendly and experience professionals.

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A happy, relaxed resident with a compassionate caregiver can make all the difference. Support, help and professional nurses or healthcare worker helping elderly patients warms our hearts.

What We Do

Think of us as your labor management specialists.

A Skilled Nursing Facility differentiates itself by having the best employees. With Zinnova we ensure our facilities are set up to scale with people powered operations . We focus on the employees day to day clinical staffing, so they can focus on the residents in the buildings.
With strategy, process and implementation, management, and consulting services, we enable our operations to scale to effectively support and enhance business growth in healthcare. Learn how we can help you see higher performance, and employee satisfaction, lower turnover and significantly reduce labor costs. 

Flexible appointments

We offer very efficient family care plans and packages, get in touch for an initial consultation and offer. We are a leading provider of outstanding post-acute and long-term skilled healthcare consulting services. As one of the country’s leading providers of healthcare consulting services, our values and mission are centered around improving the lives of the residents at the healthcare facilities we manage. The facilities in our network provide state-of-the-art healthcare to enhance strength, comfort, mobility, and restore the independence of their patients. Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, we currently service 61 healthcare facilities across 3 states.

We offer very efficient family care plans and packages, get in touch for an initial consultation to visit nursing homes for the residential care of older people, senior citizens, or disabled people. Nursing homes may also be referred to as care homes, skilled nursing facilities or long-term care facilities. Learn More today by contacting Zinnova.

Our Clinic Services Consultations

Our customized system helps management oversee the time clock, scheduling, and managing ratios. Our services can also help with implementing an efficient system that can monitor employee benefits, insurance programs and other services relating to employee operations. As well as the management and procurement of agency contracts and services, software solutions, and so much more!


Our network of healthcare facilities sustain strong growth, maintaining the highest standards of care and get the expert attention that is need to thrive in healthcare today.

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